Say ‘I Do’ in Style: Exclusive NYC Wedding Venue Picks

The journey of wedding planning is an exciting endeavor, and nowhere is it more thrilling than in the vibrant backdrop of New York City. As you prepare to tie the knot in the Big Apple, meticulous preparation is key. The allure of New York City’s wedding venues is undeniable, with many establishments securing bookings months, if not years, in advance. Let us guide you through our carefully curated compilation of extraordinary wedding venues, each offering its own unique charm and allure.

Pier Sixty Collection – Premier Waterfront Elegance

Pier Sixty: The Jewel of Chelsea Piers

  • Capacity: up to 2,000 guests
  • Amenities: Concierge services, two private suites, soundproof walls, audiovisual specialist, valet parking, shuttle buses
  • Special Features: All-season glass-enclosed terrace, panoramic skyline views, waterfront setting

Pier Sixty, located at the illustrious Chelsea Piers, is a premier choice for a grand wedding. This venue boasts an expansive glass-enclosed terrace offering year-round stunning views of the Hudson River and the New York City skyline, perfect for a breathtaking reception or ceremony.

The Lighthouse: Modern Elegance Meets Waterfront Sophistication

  • Capacity: up to 800 guests
  • Amenities: Solar window shades, two private suites, floor-to-ceiling windows, audiovisual specialist, valet parking, shuttle buses
  • Special Features: Recently renovated in 2022, all-season glass-enclosed terrace, extensive skyline and water views with direct access

The Lighthouse offers a contemporary venue choice with its modern amenities and stunning waterfront views. The recent renovations enhance the already striking space, creating an elegant atmosphere that’s perfect for a memorable wedding day.

Current: Chic Ambiance with a Touch of Modernity

  • Capacity: up to 360 guests
  • Amenities: Floor-to-ceiling windows, private suite, audiovisual specialist, ground-floor access, valet parking, shuttle buses
  • Special Features: Waterfront access, expansive 800 ft balcony, custom-lit LED ceiling

Current provides a more intimate setting with its modern design and customizable LED ceiling lighting, adding a unique touch to any event. Its spacious balcony and direct waterfront access ensure a stunning backdrop for your wedding photos and guest experiences.

Why Choose Pier Sixty Collection

Each venue within the Pier Sixty Collection offers a unique combination of breathtaking views, luxurious amenities, and versatile spaces, making it a top choice for couples looking for a distinctive New York City wedding. With capacities ranging from intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, this collection can accommodate any wedding size with elegance and style.

For more details on booking your dream wedding at one of the Pier Sixty Collection venues, contact our dedicated team who are eager to assist in making your special day unforgettable.


The Pierre Hotel – Quintessence of New York Elegance

Grand Ballroom: Timeless Sophistication

  • Capacity: 450 seated, 800 standing
  • Amenities: Room blocks for guests, award-winning catering
  • Special Features: Access to the private Pre-Function Room, perfect for a cocktail reception

The Grand Ballroom at The Pierre Hotel epitomizes luxury and grandeur, making it one of New York’s most sought-after wedding venues. Its elegant decor and spacious layout provide the perfect setting for a lavish celebration. The room’s versatility allows for exquisite banquets and lively receptions, all supported by The Pierre’s exceptional service and catering.

Cotillion Ballroom: Opulent Views and Luxurious Decor

  • Capacity: 350 seated, 500 standing
  • Amenities: Room blocks for guests, award-winning catering
  • Special Features: Overlooks Central Park

The Cotillion Ballroom offers a blend of classic charm and modern luxury, with stunning views of Central Park. Its exquisite decor and strategic location make it an ideal choice for couples seeking a glamorous New York City atmosphere. The ballroom’s sophisticated ambiance is enhanced by its detailed architectural finishes, providing a perfect backdrop for elegant events.

Rotunda: Architectural Elegance with a Personal Touch

  • Capacity: 50 seated, 100 standing
  • Amenities: Room blocks for guests, award-winning catering
  • Special Features: Beautiful murals, a grand staircase

The Rotunda at The Pierre stands out with its unique circular space and artistically rendered murals. This venue offers an intimate setting, ideal for smaller gatherings or as a distinctive spot for wedding photos. The grand staircase serves as a dramatic entrance for any couple, ensuring a memorable start to the celebrations.

Why Choose The Pierre Hotel

Choosing The Pierre Hotel for your wedding means stepping into a world of unmatched luxury and impeccable service. With its rich history and prestigious location, The Pierre offers an unparalleled experience. From the opulent ballrooms to the breathtaking views of Central Park and the exquisite culinary offerings, every detail at The Pierre is carefully curated to ensure your wedding is nothing short of spectacular.

For those interested in learning more about the wedding experience at The Pierre Hotel, or to schedule a visit, please reach out to our wedding specialists. We are committed to making your wedding day a truly legendary event.


City Winery at Pier 57 – Urban Elegance with a Rustic Twist

City Winery

  • Capacity: up to 250 guests
  • Amenities: Experienced team, AV system, floor-to-ceiling windows, built-in stage and bars, wood oven pizza bar (River level only – Barrel Room)
  • Special Features: Overlooks the Hudson River, special wedding packages, custom labeled wine

City Winery offers a distinctive “rustic urban winery wedding” experience along the edge of the Hudson River at Pier 57. This venue seamlessly combines the industrial chic of its urban surroundings with the warmth of a traditional winery. The River level’s Barrel Room, equipped with a wood oven pizza bar, offers a unique and memorable culinary experience, making it a perfect choice for couples looking for an informal yet stylish setting.

City Vineyard by City Winery: Vineyard Vibes in the Heart of the City

  • Capacity: up to 250 guests
  • Amenities: Experienced team, in-house AV system, fully-customizable rooftop
  • Special Features: Skyline and river views, glass-enclosed main dining room, wedding packages, custom labeled wine

City Vineyard brings a touch of vineyard charm to the bustling cityscape. This venue boasts an enchanting glass-enclosed dining room that offers panoramic views of the Hudson River and the New York skyline, providing a stunning backdrop for both daytime and evening events. The fully-customizable rooftop can be transformed to match any wedding theme, enhancing the personal feel of your special day.

Why Choose City Winery

Choosing City Winery for your wedding means embracing a blend of contemporary urban style and rustic vineyard elements. The venue’s unique settings are ideal for those who desire a wedding that combines New York City’s dynamic atmosphere with the intimate and relaxed vibe of a winery. Specializing in creating memorable experiences, City Winery’s dedicated team works closely with couples to tailor every detail, from custom-labeled wine bottles as personal mementos to a culinary experience that reflects the couple’s tastes and preferences.


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