Elevate Your Spring Events with NYC’s Signature Cocktails

Spring in New York City brings with it a refreshing array of seasonal menus from the city’s most elite restaurants and bars. Perfectly aligning with Jet Set Venue’s mission to connect our discerning clients with top-tier venues for unforgettable corporate gatherings, private celebrations, and professional meetings, we’re thrilled to introduce a selection of signature cocktails. These are not just drinks; they are a gateway to the vibrant, dynamic spirit of spring, carefully crafted to enhance your next event.

Elsie Rooftop: A Botanical Haven in Midtown

  • Drink: Botanical Delight
  • Highlights: This concoction is a vivid portrayal of spring, blending Ketel Orange Vodka, Ume Liqueur, Crème Violet, and more, crowned with floral ice cubes. Elsie Rooftop offers an elegant setting for your spring events, where the skyline views meet innovative mixology.

Jue Lan: Strawberry Fields in Flatiron

  • Drink: Strawberry Smash
  • Highlights: Infused with fresh strawberries, basil, and Grey Goose Vodka, the Strawberry Smash is a refreshing choice for any celebration. Jue Lan’s artful ambiance in the Flatiron District makes it a prime spot for events that aim to impress and delight.

Highwater Rooftop: Lavender Elegance Over The City

  • Drink: Lavender Twist
  • Highlights: With its blend of Mistral Gin, lemon, Cointreau, and lavender, this drink is a toast to the Financial District’s skyline. Highwater’s chic space is perfect for hosting high-profile events where the drinks are as sophisticated as the guests.

1 Hotels: Eco-Chic and Refreshing Blues

  • Drink: Blue Horizon
  • Highlights: A visionary blend of Copalli White Organic Rum with Chareau Aloe Liqueur, this cocktail offers a unique taste experience, embodying the sustainable luxury of 1 Hotels in the Financial District. Ideal for eco-conscious events that don’t compromise on elegance.

Rosemary’s: Rustic Charm in West Village

  • Drink: La Maggiorana
  • Highlights: This mezcal-based cocktail with lemon, honey, and an egg-white foam topping is a homage to the rustic elegance of the West Village. Rosemary’s garden setting is perfect for intimate gatherings and celebrations under the spring sky.

Our curated list of featured spring cocktails from NYC’s esteemed eateries and bars is designed to inspire your next event, ensuring it captures the essence of spring with every sip. Whether planning a chic rooftop soirée or an intimate garden gathering, Jet Set Venue is your partner in curating experiences that exceed expectations. Let us guide you in making this spring season memorable. Contact Jet Set Venue today to discover how we can transform your event dreams into reality, making your venue the talk of the town.

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